Become a Simbi Star: Getting started with Simbi

Educator Workshop

Calling all educators! Sign up to learn how to best use Simbi's features to inspire your students to read more books, more often, with real purpose.


This 4-part webinar will cover:

  1. Impact & Motivation: The two terms go hand-in-hand with by reading for good!

  2. Getting Started: Learn about Read Along & Narrate, and set up your class, your groups, and assignments.

  3. Listen & Assess: Discover the power of listening in to student reading, sharing feedback, verbal TellMe conversations, and assessing progress.

  4. Daily Reading: Instil a love of reading with these tips and tricks specific for your students' needs!

Presented by


Janessa Ferrell

I’m an experienced elementary teacher with a graduate degree in reading instruction. I use research-based practices to help struggling readers and writers succeed. I am passionate about creating fun & engaging experiences that help learners reach their full potential.